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 What is Georgia School Food Service Association?

It is the professional organization of school food service employees in the state of Georgia. GSFSA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1951 and incorporated in Georgia in 1967. GSFSA maintains a headquarters office and professional staff in Tucker, Georgia. GSFSA is affiliated with the American School Food Service Association, a national nonprofit organization with headquarters in Alexandria, VA.

What does GSFSA do?

GSFSA is an individual membership organization. It provides professional services and training to members.

  • Annual Conference - training workshops on topics such as sanitation, nutrition, personnel management, and financial accounting.
  • Public Relations/ Marketing Seminar annually
  • Technology training
  • Industry Seminar
  • Current information on school nutrition trends and regulations
  • Recognition of outstanding program practices
  • Quarterly magazine, Georgia Gems, that highlights school nutrition activities around the state.

What else does GSFSA do?

GSFSA also provides marketing materials for special promotions, such as:

  • National School Lunch Week
  • National School Breakfast Week
  • Marketing Resource Notebook

Does GSFSA provide legislative representation?

Yes, GSFSA has an active and effective legislative program. We contract for the services of a professional lobbyist at the state level, who covers daily legislative activities and assists us in planning state legislative goals. At the federal level, GSFSA has an active volunteer committee that coordinates information and "grass roots" campaigns with our members. A state Legislative Workshop is held each year to train our members how to influence the legislative process.

Does GSFSA provide Scholarships for training?

Yes, through the Georgia School Food Service Foundation, a separate nonprofit organization. Scholarships in the amount of $500.00 are available to members and members' children. Grants in Aid of $150.00 are available to members. These funds are given two times a year, in September and March. Applications are available at the Headquarters office.

How can I become a member of GSFSA?

By completing a membership application and paying the current dues to Georgia School Food Service Association. Membership applications are available from the Headquarters office.

Current annual dues for GSFSA are:
Membership Application 

  • Supervisors/ Administrators $18.00
  • Managers & Assistant Managers 13.00
  • Food Assistants, over 4 hrs per day 10.00
  • Food Assistants, less than 4 hrs per day 9.00
 How can I become a member of American School Food Service Association?

By completing a membership application and paying current dues to ASFSA. All paperwork and payments must be submitted to Georgia School Food Service Association for processing.

Does GSFSA maintain a list of job openings in school nutrition programs in the state?

No. Employment information is available through the Personnel office or School Nutrition office in each school system in Georgia. GSFSA will post job openings on the web if they are forwarded to the office. But we do not maintain a  job listing site for the state.

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